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"I'm not your drill instructor anymore. If there is a person who lives everyday angry, that person must have a personality disorder. A psycho. Don't you think?"


When Schwartz was assigned a new squad, he organized Han's profile files and read through them. There was a reason that he was transferred up into the third year at record speed, even with such a low psychic ability.


He looked over to the open space near the dimensional crack where the minions were gathering. The Elus were murmuring like religious fanatics. They shook their bodies in a rhythmic pattern, bowing their bodies like they worshipped the rainbow lights.


The gloves were made of a highly flexible alloy which neutralized most physical attacks. Though the suit was very heavy, the mobility became exponentially faster than if one were to move around without it.


Nobody predicted this situation. Han tried to recall from the various situations he trained for, but he couldn't seem to remember any at all. It didn't matter if his analysis skills were strong, because he didn't have any pieces of the puzzle to work out the core problem at the moment.


The eighth training grounds were located inside an overgrown forest. The artificial forest trees stood tall to make one reminisce of the northern European forests. The forest scent wafted thickly. Squad 9 and 13 were on standby at opposite ends of the forest.

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They decided the order for the nightwatch and comfortably fell asleep. If the three of them stuck together, the remaining 4 days could be passed with success.


The seventh squad gathered outside. They looked to Han with contemptuous eyes.


Kuro confusingly asked. If it had been when he was a first year, Sergeant Red would have been howling with rage. However, Sergeant Red didn't say anything particular. Kuro blankly trailed behind Sergeant Red.


-I heard you've succeeded passing the adjustment period. First, let me congratulate you. As promised, we're looking after your younger siblings well. They are receiving the best education that is normally meant for only the rich. They are being given nice clothes and food as well. I will continue to pray for your good luck. Next time, I shall send a recorded video clip of each child.


Each squad members started warming up their airbeats. The members on top of the airbeats got into position. Squad 7 had prepared an all out intensive surprise attack.


The leader of Squad 3 also had trouble controlling Simon. Squad 3's victory and losses all depended on Simon's battle strength. This was a rare sight to see amongst second years who were led by squad leaders.


He pulled the string and caused the parachute to shoot out and spread into the sky. Han floated upwards for a moment and gradually began to float downwards. This was a very good start.



Many of the children could be seen trembling. Up until today, the drill instructors of Ark had always been next to them. The drill instructors were to be feared, but at the same time they gave the children a sense of safety.



Jose opened the data he received on his data bracelet. This was the first time he had seen a break down of their war tactics in this type of data format. It felt like he received a new textbook to study.


"Han, you understand me don't you? You're also part of the prominent crowd. Your psychic skills are low, but you're very fast to pick up everything else. There was also that time you had battled with Dmitri, many people are wary of you and consider you their rivals. In class D, everyone's ranks were far too low that they looked up to you with honor and respect, but don't expect anything like that in class B. Everyone will only consider you their stepping stone."


Footsteps sounded from behind Squad Zero. Han leered to the side and aimed his gun. Canute stood at the place Han aimed.

  • Excluding the few females psykers that Ark had produced in the beginning stages of Ark, every psyker produced by Ark had been male.
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