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Han received treatment in the medical ward. Normally, people needed to install pins to stabilize the bones again, but he had been artificially strengthened in the incubator so he would be able to make a clean recovery in a single month. After a detailed examination, Han returned to his dorms.


Han continued to practice shooting in various positions. He was not used to shooting while moving, and made lots of mistakes. But, all shots while stationary were superb.


They treated Han like an esteemed guest. They had even cleaned up and organized Hans bedding and items. He had become the class president, but they were being overly hospitable.


Corporal Zhai nodded and stood next to Schwartz. They filtered out everything so that only video clips would appear on the screen. Zhai raised his hand to stop the search for a moment.


They could see a werewolf from among the burning trees. The werewolf twisted through the maze of trees while its eyes flashed madly.


They didn't need excellent students; rather than a hundred second and third-class soldiers, they looked for only first class soldiers.

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"Psykers must not become the enemies of the weak. They must become the shields for those without fangs. They must be the knives for those who don't."


Kuro gripped his spear. He was also a man. He had an unyieldingly high pride as well. He felt bitter hearing these cold words from Han.


"There are so many soldiers to witness today's event, they won't dare to kill me when I'm unarmed." Corporal Zhai was idolized by the people of China. He was known for his countless contributions he made for the country and his deeds were widespread throughout the country through propaganda advertisements.


It was common place to find superiors randomly killed while in battle. It didn't matter how many subordinates one obtained through an institution, only strong commanders could obtain the trust and obedience of their subordinates.


Skimping on safety was the perfect way to die or suffer serious injuries.


Most of Ark's combat personnel were in their early to late thirties and already had a lot of experience under their belts. They were the ones who survived through the war against dragons since their youth.


Everyone's passion had reached an ultimate high. Sergeant Red made an appearance from a distance away, startling the youths.



The watching second years yelled. It was common to use an airbeat with support weapon attachments. Amongst them, bombs were also a common tool. However, this practice had been banned.



Han ungeared the airbeat on his hip and turned it on. The airbeat felt heavy in his hands because he was holding onto it slanted.


'Those horrible drill instructors. I don't know who that skull masked man is, but he's not any pushover. He has the unique skill of teleportation. His skill range isn't that wide though.'


The thirteenth squad's two new transfers were given three weeks to complete the second year curriculum. They had to get accustomed to using various new equipment, including the airbeat. Jose and Canute scored high across all drills, but their unique skills differed drastically.

  • Usually, those of lower rank disdained joint training with those above them.
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