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Han supported Canute, who had fallen over in the centre of their battle formation. With just one look, one could easily tell that his arm and legs were broken.


The Elu tribe is speculated to be naturally talented at manipulating psychic energy since birth. The more powerful one is, the higher class they are ranked. Ark had differentiated the different ranks by specific names.


The screen projected someone who looked no different than humans. It was just that their ears were pointed, their bodies skinny, and the sclera of their eyes had no irises to them.


"Anyway, unique skills are nothing more than a single weapon. We consider ourselves lucky to have another weapon at hand. Of course this is very useful, however everyone's main weapons will be your psyker gear. Being unable to develop unique skills does not disqualify you from becoming a part of the psychic military forces." Wuxiaworld for visiting.


– This is upper rocky terrain defense. There are six rangers who managed to break through, we only managed to block two. There are four rangers heading your way!


"That's why we must move him up to the second year together with Han Lee. Han Lee contributed greatly toward Kuro's growth. Han has become Kuro's older brother figure."

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Han realized many things while in Squad Whiskey. As Sergeant Red had planned, he acquired the much needed experience to grow.


He strayed further due to the wind. Han wasn't alone, many others followed along with him. He could see many children had landed in the ocean already.


Jose didn't ask questions. Han followed behind Silence. Of course Silence didn't speak another word. Even the back of his head seemed to let out a chilling aura.


It was a book on tactical strategies that the first generation of psykers used during the first wave of aggression.


Han was confident that he would never admit his own loss. When he used to steal food for his younger siblings, no matter how much he was harshly beaten by adults he never snitched or opened his mouth to tell the truth.


'If Kuro didn't push me down, it would have been the end of me. However, nobody was within a visible range of me. Who is that masked guy? Had there been such a person in squad 6?'


"Huh? There are high handed people like that everywhere. More so for people they don't welcome. Kuro, don't mind me. Display your skills with everything you got so that nobody can look down on you. You must show them just who you are."



In a short moment, Corporal Zhai and squad leader Schwartz arrived. They confirmed the Elu's death and nodded. The research center's main danger was eliminated.



"Simon should know that he can't fight a battle alone by now," Han mumbled. Simon behaved differently from when Han first met him. He moved in sync with Squad 3 and followed the battle plans.


Han heard Kijo mumbling. Kijo had his hand against the window while looking down across the land. His eyes didn't seem to reflect his usual slyness. He seemed like a young child who simply missed his homeland.


Jose commanded the rangers. Two people might fall to their deaths, but this tactic was worthy of trying. Three rangers all came running toward Han at the same time.

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